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“It all started with feature films. I had the good fortune to be born in Paris in the 1960's. This was a period of great artistic freedom. I grew up surrounded by actors and artists, which naturally led me to my first important experience with imagery. I became one of the assistants of the famous French director, Jean Becker…” Remi Rebillard talks with PhotoVogue Columnist, Joanne Carter about his life experiences and photographic journey to date.

During this period, Rebillard came to know Francis Giacobetti (the brilliant French photographer who has made a life-long quest out of anatomising, in scintillating detail, famous figures and their bodily parts); at his house Rebillard would sneak a look at the slides laid out upon his light box from his latest shoot. This triggered tremendous excitement in Rebillard, a passion that led him to pick up a camera and commence his journey as a photographer.
In the 1990’s after working a few years for Parisian fashion magazines, he decided to embark upon an absolute adventure and try New York with his young American wife Cara Leigh; they were both drawn to New York’s creative vivacity. This is where he started to find his incredible style, his voice as an artist. Living in a tiny Greenwich Village artist’s loft, he experimented with light, by combining the daylight from his north-facing skylight with strobes and gels.
Lighting is one of Rebillard’s considerable strengths; he is able to mix whatever light he has available, no matter how low it may be, with strobes and filters. He particularly loves natural light, strong daylight, similar to the North-facing skylight he once had in his apartment in New York.
Rebillard’s photography includes a good deal of sexual intrigue, femininity, enchantment, fantasy, reverie and illusion. He combines all of this with his running theme “how can innocence and beauty survive in a world that is drifting away?”. He explains, “for me it is about the light, the mood, the emotion, loneliness”. The distance he creates between his models and the viewer is as a narrative, both earnest and exquisite. It’s told in an enchanted visual density that he adores, relinquishing bright light for rich saturation.
His favourite image from his own work is ethereal, as are so many of his images entitled Red is the color of Rubies, Strawberries and Alea – it is of a model laying on train tracks in the desert - it beautifully sums up his work, perfectly demonstrating the fragility of a woman’s beauty whilst, illustrating the fallibility of nature around her. Rebillard explains, “In this photograph, we're met with the same tireless theme that touches me time and again… model Alea, is at home in the world and yet, disconnected from it”.
Rebillard is more concerned with intent, what he is trying to convey within a photograph, the emotion, the feeling, than the actual hardware tools needed. He proclaims, “the least of my concerns is if I use my Nikon, my Hasselblad or my mobile phone for photography, if an assignment requires a certain amount of quality for an image I will decide if my Nikon or my Hasselblad is best. I am old school. I learned to shoot with film, before retouching and digital. I learned about light, exposure, filters, lenses, and films... Every artist has their medium and their tools. A painter has his pallet, his canvas, his brushes, his muse, and his light. It is not that different for me”.
Predominately only using his mobile phone for location scouting and castings. He does not have an Instagram account or Twitter account; this is not to say that he never will, but for now he feels it’s a distraction from his work. Rebillard chooses to work with PhotoVogue he says,“because of the incredible level of photography for such young talent from all over the world, and Alessia Glaviano (Senior Photo Editor of Vogue Italia and L'Uomo Vogue) is probably the most arduous in terms of evaluation of an image”.
An admirer of many photographers, Rebillard particularly enjoys the art of Sarah Moon, specifically her recurring theme of childhood, femininity and solitude. He also savours Deborah Turbeville’s photography, who claims the idea of decay is the heart of her work. “One thing I would like to say about photography is that most of the time, I find that I am more touched by female photographers. I am inspired by their feminine touch or style, their interpretation, their eye,” he explains. Additionally, the distinctive visual aesthetic that director of photography, John Mathieson, brought to Gladiator and many others of Ridley Scott's films, he adores.
In his free time Rebillard loves to fill his mind with images and art. These may be images that he views online or different forms of art in museums or even watching old films, he finds inspiration and ideas from all of these.
Rebillard is a very talented and creative photographer, his gift to me, is the smile he put in my heart, whilst viewing his images.

Joanne Carter is the Founder and Editorial Director of TheAppWhisperer.com

- See more at: http://www.vogue.it/people-are-talking-about/vogue-arts/2014/12/remi-rebillard#sthash.44LAYX51.dpuf

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Breaking Point .


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Element .

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Shining from behind her Tears.


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Portrait Romantique d’une Adolescente. Alexandra Usa 2013.


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La Lectrice


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Nude on Table 

   Incontournable dans le monde de la photographie du vingt-et-unième siècle, Remi REBILLARD joue désormais dans la cour des grands.

  Né en France, l'artiste a fait le choix de s'installer aux Etats Unis. C'est lors de son exposition de Bruxelles, que j'ai vraiment pris conscience de la valeur de ce travail qui a déclenché chez moi, l'envie. La féminitude et ses paroxysmes, ont suscité, comme dans un miroir intime, le désir d'écrire sur notre belle complexité, nos fractures, à nous les femmes, observées à travers l'oeil du photographe.

  Mais il n'est pas besoin de mots, il suffit de regarder comme une lecture ininterrompue, la soixantaine de photos qui font l'objet de la proposition et le résultat est là, probant. Remi REBILLARD avait invité trois mannequins à participer à la performance qui n'a laissé personne indifférent et que l'on peut retrouver en ligne.

  Femmes d'un monde en dérive, obsession, fascination, la Femme est au coeur de ses préoccupations. De son passage dans l'univers très intime de la photographie de mode, il a conservé cette quête de l'attitude qui le différencie de ses contemporains et lui confère cette particularité.

  Ses égéries affichent un regard résolument fixe, qui se voudrait neutre de toute émotion? Mais l'émotion est ailleurs et persiste en un lieu différent, autrement, sur un tout autre plan. Capturer de la femme ce qu'elle affiche d'ambiguïté, ce n'était pas si simple, parole de femme! nous avons tant de difficultés à nous appréhender nous-mêmes, car le miroir ne nous révèle rien, sinon notre infinie complexité.

  Il nous fallait un vrai regard. Objectif, celui du photographe est le plus approchant, mais attention, il tend à révèler avec élégance, nos fêlures. Ce que par pudeur nous aurions tendance à occulter la cartographie de l'image intérieure de notre véritable beauté.

  Sans aucune réserve, Remi imprime sa trace sans limite, avec une bienveillance et un professionalisme que rejoint sa contemporanité.

Mylène VIGNON critique d'art          

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Malgosia Bela

  Do you know the excitement of waiting for your lab to develop your negative film ? This image is the Raw Negative saved from a fire in New York in Nov 1999, and I wanted to leave the traces of this event intact ...

Malgosia Bela is one of the best-known top models in the world... in this image,she is "Unretouched".
Hair and Make-up by Davide Calcinai.
shot in New York.

Hair and Make -up by Davide Calcinai .
shot in New York .

Bio:   Remi Rebillard is both fashion photographer and above all an artist devoted exclusively to his personal research since 2009. His work asks us about the estrangement of sensuality and human connectivity through the lens of women. Remi’s photos reveal female sensuality while simultaneously carving a rift of alienation between his models’ bodies and the world they occupy.

  Remi came of age in Paris surrounded by artists and actors in an era when nothing was considered impossible. His love of photography was shaped by the transformative experience of assisting French Director Jean Becker and by his childhood admiration of Giacobetti. Other seminal influences for Remi include Sarah Moon, Deborah Turbeville and Javier Vallhonrat

  Early in his career, he left Paris’s fashion magazines for the US with his young American wife Cara Leigh. The two were drawn to New York City’s creative vivacity. NYC catalog and magazine assignments became the launchpad for Remi to pursue his passion for photography. Over time, his camerawork distanced itself from the photographic references of his youth, and he began defining a unique photographic language all its own.

  Rebillard can be recognized by the special light he uses, the reflection in the water, the wet glass. The distance he creates between his nudes and us is a narrative both solemn and elegant, and also unconventional. It’s told in a visual density that he loves, foregoing bright light for rich saturation. Remi’s use of light and hues express the depth of beauty that can be revealed in states of sadness and emotional decay.

  His work dares to dwell in broken, stark and dirty places to draw out the story of a naked soul seemingly stumbled upon. He examines the dichotomy of his subjects' sensuality and dejection, and from that examination he creates a narrative colored by his own intimate experience with life and society's heartbreaks.

  If creativity comes from an acute sense for finding beauty in places overlooked, Remi exemplifies a true artist's daring to explore humanity in stark expanses of nature and luckless wastelands. His bold photographic encounters with female dwellers of such spaces invests him with a deep palette of stories to tell. Personal analysis and expression of the world around him enriches his camera eye, asking us to look upon the perplexing co-existence of female sensuality and estrangement that may be the future of our social fabric. 

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Il y a des destinées qui peuvent ne se rencontrer jamais... Thylane Saint-Tropez.



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A Surreal Encounter .



De purs miroirs qui font toutes choses plus belles



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A Beautiful Struggle. Alea , Usa 2014.


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À l'ombre des jeunes filles en fleurs. Alexandra , Usa .




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De l’essence de l’Art qui est : l’Enfance. La Belle mélomane Alexandra . Usa .


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À une Passante.


A Portrait of Love and Loss .


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Distant Memories Of You.


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The Laws of Motion .


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Le Goût du Néant.