Saturday, October 11, 2014

A Surreal Encounter .



The world crumbling, the innocence and beauty striving to survive, the earth asleep beneath the weight of our absent selves: Remi Rebillard‘s inexhaustible motifs build way for yet another breathtaking photo shoot, one sublimely depicting the world at float between hope and despair.
A gorgeous and powerful Raphaëlle, stripped down of any element that may have tied her to humanity, distances herself from the audience, seeming to be asking “what have we done to the world”? Making for a surreal encounter, the photo shoot displays the world as seen through eyes wide with eternal brightness.
The stark terrain, the somber sky, the overwhelming grasp of solitude – they’re all but striking metaphors appealing to our emotions, questioning our very beliefs, our very beings, our very existence.
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